Dress Code &
Grooming Standards

All Employees must report to work in their complete uniform prior to clocking in for work.

  • Uniform shirts are issued by the Personnel Office and must be worn tucked into shorts, skirts or pants.
  • Shorts, skirts or pants must comply with the standards of the Employee Handbook
  • Employees must be clean and well groomed and are responsible for a clean and pressed uniform daily.

The following guidelines are MANDATORY. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for non-compliance of WWAP Dress Code & Grooming Standards. Employees not in compliance will be sent home. Failure to comply may result in termination.

Hair Standards for All Employees - Acceptable Styles/Cuts:

  • Clean, neat, conservative cuts and styles.
  • Natural hair colors only.
  • Extreme in dyeing, bleaching or coloring is not allowed. Dyed colors must blend into natural hair growth and color, i.e. no dark roots.
  • Appropriate hair confinement articles must be used in Food & Beverage areas where required by law.

Unacceptable Styles/Cuts:

  • Extreme Asymmetrical or bi-level styles such as:
  • Mohawks, bowl cuts, long extensions, zigzag parts, bleached tips, shaved designs, spiking or excessive gel, flamboyant styles, or any other style deemed inappropriate by WWAP management.
  • Any coloring or dyes that do not occur in natural human hair.
  • Hair embellishment , beads or trinkets.

Hair Standards for Males:

  • Hair may not fall below the eyebrows, ears, or below a polo shirt collar height. Sides must be trimmed and neat.
  • Sideburns must be neatly trimmed and squared off no longer than the bottom of the earlobe. The width at the bottom must be the same as the top, not flared.
  • Facial hair is limited to a mustache only. The corners of the mustache may extend no further than the corners of the mouth. Mustaches must maintain a natural appearance : no wax or curling.
  • Mustaches may not be "grown" during your employment.
  • Males are required to report to their shift clean-shaven daily.

Hair Standards for Females:

  • Hair length must not hang below eyebrows or obstruct vision.

Jewelry Standards for Employees:

  • EARRINGS: Limited to one matching pair; studs worn (1) in each lower ear lobe. Not to exceed % inch in diameter.
  • No ankle bracelets
  • No toe rings
  • A maximum of one necklace and one bracelet may be worn.
  • One ring per hand or a wedding band set may be worn.
  • One conservative watch worn on the wrist

Cosmetics and Body Modifications for All Employees:

  • No visible body piercing with jewelry or implants allowed.
  • No tongue rings, piercing or studs
  • No replacement jewelry, such as clear studs or flesh colored Band-Aids.
  • No visible tattoos
  • Males are not allowed to wear cosmetics
  • Females' makeup should give a natural appearance .
  • Fingernails:
  • Nails should be clean and trimmed with length no longer than inch, all one length.
  • Nail Art is limited to "French Manicure" style only
  • No Jewelry or Studs are allowed on the fingernails
  • Bright and Dark colors are unacceptable
  • Males are not permitted to color any nails.

When approved to wear open toed footwear, the fingernail guidelines apply.