Special Treats

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Blue Wave Cafe

Fresh grilled hot dogs & hamburgers, mouth watering pizza and hand breaded chicken tenders, fresh salads, kids meals & ice cold soda.

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Banzai Snack

Assorted snacks, churro’s & hot pretzels, ice cold soda and flavored Icee drinks.

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Tiki Bar

Ice cold beers, seltzers, mixed drinks and other adult beverages 
• 21 years of age to enter this area

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Dippin' Dots

Ice cream of the future, served today, assorted flavors of world famous Dippin’ Dot’s ice cream.

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Berries & Cream

Hand scooped ice cream treats featuring assorted Crystal Creamery & Dryers ice cream.
Milk shakes & other cold sweet treats.

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Funnel Cakes

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Fresh made funnel cakes with your choice of sweet strawberry or Crystal creamery vanilla ice cream with Ghiradrelli chocolate sauce or whipped cream topping.