FAQ and Rules



  • Non-alcoholic beverages in plastic and metal containers

  • Food

  • Life jackets with official Coast Guard approved labels intact

  • Coolers/Ice Chests

  • Strollers


Children 3 and under (at the time of admission) are not required to pay for admission.

Yes. All rides and attractions have height requirements. Height requirements and weight restrictions on rides are required by OSHA. They are posted at the entry to each ride and attraction.

Yes. When you exit the park, ask the attendant at the front gate for a hand stamp, which you will show for re-entry at the designated gate.

Yes! We have several options for parking available at the main entrance of the park for an additional parking fee. 

Yes, you will find this service at Guest Services and the Splash Shop.

Yes, paid admission is required for everyone entering the park, except children 3 and under.

Infants and toddlers in diapers are required by the Health Department to wear swim diapers. Swim diapers are available for purchase at our Splash Shop.

We are sorry, but pets are not allowed in the park, nor do we have accommodations.  Please do not leave your pet in the car, as the summer days are far too hot for animals.

Park Rules & Guidelines

  • Obey all signs and instructions while riding slides and using pools and facilities.  By seeking admission to Wild Water Adventure Park, all guests have assumed a certain level of liability and responsibility for his/her safety. As in all active sports, there is a slight element of risk while participating in park rides and activities. It is also a park setting where natural environmental variations occur and are beyond the control of management. Participants must be observant and not put themselves at risk.

  • Violation of County, State or Federal law, or park rules will result in revocation of park admission without refund.

  • If a park guest misuses or abuses his/her privileges, cuts in line or exhibits rude or abusive behavior, he/she may be ejected from the park at any time at the discretion of Wild Water Adventure Park without refund.

  • Obey lifeguards and posted signs at all times. Do not distract the lifeguards. They need to watch the water at all times.

  • Children under 12 years and younger must be accompanied by a responsible 16 year old (or older).

  • By seeking admission, park guests give permission to Wild Water Adventure Park to photograph and/or take video footage, for any purpose without payment to them.  

  • Wild Water Adventure Park is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Leave valuables at home or rent a locker to secure them while you are at the park.

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  • Weak or non-swimmers should wear lifejackets when in deeper water. Some attractions require children under 48″ to wear a life vest.

  • Weak or non-swimmers should not rely on inner tubes for flotation or safety.

  • Eyeglasses must have approved safety straps while participating in water activities.

  • Diving is prohibited.

  • Tubes are only for the number of people intended; single tubes-one person, double tubes-two people, and triple tubes-three people.

  • Regular or cloth diapers are not allowed in any pool. Swim diapers or rubber swim pants are required of all infants and toddlers in all pool areas. Swim diapers are available at the Splash Shop

  • No diaper changing is allowed on pool deck areas, furniture, or tables. Diaper changing stations are located in the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms at Blue Wave and Orca pool areas. This is a law required by the Health Department and the CDC.

  • No running is allowed in the park.

Dress Code

Wild Water Adventure Park has a dress code that is strictly enforced.  

  • All clothing must be appropriate for use at a family-friendly water amusement park. 
  • Extremely bare styles of swimwear are prohibited (g-strings, thongs, etc.).
  • Guests may not display anything that contains obscene, foul, or illegal language, picture, symbols, phrases, etc. Management reserves the right to determine what is acceptable in our family setting.
  • Guests may not wear any article of clothing that appears to be gang-related. This may include but is not limited to: altered baseball caps, clothing, bandannas, oversized pants and shirts or sagging pants displaying undergarments.
  • To protect our slides, any clothing with rivets, grommets, plastic or metal are prohibited on the rides.  
  • Shoes, hats, and jewelry are prohibited on rides.
  • No t-shirts or cover-ups may be worn when it will affect the safety of the ride or the ability to swim in water over three feet deep. (Specifically the GhostSlider, the Blue Wave, and the Orca Pool). Only bathing suit or rash gaurd material may be worn on Banzai, Drop Zone, and the Black Hole.

Not Allowed

  • Glass containers (coolers will be checked upon entry)
  • Alcohol (coolers will be checked upon entry)
  • Personal flotation devices & body boards
  • Canopies, chairs and furniture
  • BBQs (there are BBQs in the park available for use. See BBQs page)
  • Radios, speakers, or amplified sound of any kind
  • Marijuana or illegal drugs of any kind
  • Pets
  • Bicycles, Roller Blades, or Skate Boards