Calling all anglers! Wild Water Adventure Park is one of the only water parks in the world that also offers recreational fishing. You can come in and fish for the whole day, use it as a break between slides and splashing in the wave pool, or it can offer a fun diversion for certain members of your family group, like grandparents, who may be less interested in swimming.

The park has three lakes, which are home to populations of bass, catfish, bluegill, and crappie fish. We work with the State of California Department of Fish and Game to bring you local fishing opportunities that your family can enjoy.

Come home after a long day at the park and cook up some freshly caught fish for dinner. It is the full Wild Water Adventure Park experience!

Please be careful with your tackle and pick up after yourself. Watch for others behind you when you are casting. Observe the posted “No Fishing” sections of the lakes for everyone’s safety. Have fun!

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No Fishing License Necessary! There is no need to purchase a license to fish while you are here. Your paid admission is all you need. We are a private facility and pay an annual license fee as a recreational fishery.
You have the choice of using fresh or packaged bait or lures. However, please do not bring any bait in glass containers as we are a bare-foot park and do not allow glass. Please have a stringer for your caught fish and place them in a cooler for the day. There is a 5 fish limit per pole and one pole per person requirement. The first 5 fish you catch are yours to keep. Due to safety issues, we cannot allow catch and release.
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Please Note: We do not have a place for you to clean your fish here at the park, you must do so at your home.