Wild Water Adventure Park opened in 1974 and is now celebrating its 45th summer!


In the very beginning, the amusement area was named Serena Vista Lakes. At this time, the area had campsites, picnic areas, horseback riding, a general store, and was famous for its three fishing lakes. The park was a refreshing stopover for campers and travelers returning from or on their way to Yosemite, Sequoia National Park and the Sierra Nevada mountains. With the 52 shady acres of trees and wildlife, it was a favorite spot for relaxation. Canadian geese, who would stop over at the lakes during migration, egrets, muskrats, and even red-tailed foxes, frequented the park. If you are lucky, you may even see one of these critters on the shores of Redbank Creek to this day!


In 1977, the park’s name was changed to Clovis Lakes. The park began to expand and evolve. At this time, and Olympic size pool was added to the park. In 1978, the park became home to a regular fashion show. At the height of disco, the park’s signature Star Gardens events brought media attention and a new group of park visitors.


The 1980s were the park’s largest decade of evolution. The park found it’s new, permanent name, Wild Water Adventure Park in 1989. With the addition of the first two water slides in 1980, the park became a true aquatic attraction. Back then; the admission price was only $1!  And you paid by the half hour to ride the waterslides.


In 1989, Wild Water Adventure Park added the first Star Spangled Revue, which soon became a valley tradition every 4th of July.  The show features fireworks, a laser light show, patriotic music, and a family-friendly party atmosphere. It has become the #1 most popular Independence Day event in the Central Valley.

Since that time, Wild Water Adventure Park has become a water park industry leader. The history of the park still makes it one of the most unique water parks in the world, as it has maintained its park and picnic-like atmosphere, fishing lakes, and more. The park has always had the ultimate goal of providing the best summer activities for families from near and far, which is why we continue to allow visitors to bring in their own gear, games, and food, unlike corporate water parks. Wild Water Adventure Park is excited to be a local favorite of its, now, 3rd generation of fans!

Some of the more recent additions to the park included attractions like the GhostSlider, which is still a crowd-pleaser to this day. New additions to the kiddie area include the Orca and Dolphin slides. 


In 2016 and 2018 Wild Water Adventure Park added two of the most cutting-edge rides in the industry. The Kaleidoslide, which was added in 2016, has an integrated gaming function and assigns a score to each ride. It is sure to bring out your competitive spirit. The latest attraction to join the Wild Water family, and its most thrilling yet, is Drop Zone! Climb to the top of this heart-pounding ride and get ready to take the plunge of your life as the floor drops away!